Boulevard Baptist Christian School has provided academic and spiritual guidance since 1972. Offering K4 through 12thgrades, BBCS is dedicated to training students in the knowledge of God, training students in the Christian way of life, and providing an excellent education.

BBCS is not a reform school or a private school, but a ministry of Boulevard Baptist Church. The school is Baptist totally in practice, principles, and doctrine. We proudly stand behind our beliefs and God’s word.

BBCS believes the Bible is the perfect Word of God. All studies and instruction come from the King James Version.

Our Statement of Faith

A Bible Baptist is one who believes in a supernatural Bible, which tells of a supernatural Christ who:

  • Had a supernatural birth
  • Spoke supernatural words
  • Performed supernatural miracles
  • Lived a supernatural life
  • Died a supernatural death
  • Rose in supernatural power
  • Ascended in supernatural splendor
  • Intercedes as a supernatural priest
  • Will one day return in supernatural glory to establish supernatural kingdom on the earth